Then let me begin by explaining that a proto-CSG is a concept created by Letrário, which consists of a document whose use is restricted to the Letrário team and the client in question. It contains all the relevant linguistic and practical information about our specific corporate client: from the obvious glossary of technical terms in one or more languages, to decisions about the use of capital letters and many other preferences and details, which may be more or less confidential.

Consequently, a proto-CSG contains the linguistic profile of each Letrário client, allowing us to adapt our language services (translations, revisions, copywriting etc.) to the specific profile of any given client. So that it fits just like a glove made of fine, soft, flexible leather.

The prefix “proto-”, which comes from the Greek, means “the first, that which goes before”; and the initialism “CSG” is the abbreviation of “Corporate Style Guide”. We have given it this name because the proto-CSG contains material that is constantly being updated and would form the basis of an adapted, exclusive corporate style manual, which we could prepare at the client’s request. This is an instrument that allows organisations to achieve greater consistency and accuracy in their brand communications and which, naturally, reflects the differences that distinguish one organisation from another. We at Letrário have already created several of these, some more complex than others, (e.g. those which include standardised letters) for some of our clients, including Informa D&B, Sanest (Águas de Portugal Group) and the Portuguese Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority etc.

So now, if you read a news item saying that the Letrário team is busy putting together or updating one or more proto-CSGs, you will know what they are.