has been providing language services, such as translation, revision and consultancy since 1999.

Letrário Translation Services is fully focused on providing translation and text revision services, striving to find the best solutions for its customers every day.
An exclusive project management method ensures we achieve excellence in:



Oris, S. A.

Oris, S. A.

"In every single instance Letrário's service was exemplary, their staff very friendly and professional, and their attention to detail amazing. Their work has always been delievered on time and with excellent quality. We are absolutely delighted to be working with a partner who demonstrated such dedication and commitment to customer service."

What are the best solutions in terms of language services?

They are the solutions that best serve each individual customer’s needs at the lowest price. They are the solutions which meet the standards of quality that the customer requires from the service. And, lastly, they are the solutions delivered precisely when the customer needs them.

How does Letrário Translation Services work in order to find the best translation and revision services?

We begin by bringing together the most efficient technological tools and the most efficient professionals in the field of translation and revision. And then, never resting on our laurels, we review the processes on a daily basis, seeking more efficient ways of working every single day. Lastly, by paying particular attention to customer service; this ensures our customers feel welcome and confident that the projects they entrust to us are as important to us as they are to them.

What services does Letrário Translation Services offer?

We offer translation services in a vast range of languages, from the most common ones, such as English, French, Spanish and Italian to more exotic ones, such as Chinese, Turkish, Japanese and Russian, as well as Eastern European languages, including Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian and others. We also provide notary certification and apostille services for translation, as well as subtitling, interpreting, localisation, transcription, automatic translation and revising of translations.

In the field of text revision, we handle the revision and publishing of texts in various languages, the compilation of style guides and the transcription of audiovisual materials, followed, or not, by revision.

Is Letrário Translation Services a company that is geared more towards companies or private individuals?

Most of our customers are large Portuguese or international companies but we do have private individuals as customers too. Our Help Desk was set up precisely to ensure that we take the same meticulous approach to projects consisting of only a few words as we do to multilingual projects with thousands of words.

If you need any of the services mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you our best offer for your project within 24 hours.

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Meet the Letrário Translation Services team and see why our customers value us so highly.

Letrário Translation Services only works with linguists who have a verified university degree in translation, or equivalent, and/or extensive professional experience in translation/revision. We test all of our translators, not only with regard to their language skills but also in terms of their skills in working with technological tools and as part of a team. All of our translators translate only into their native language.

Letrário Translation Services takes Customer Support very seriously. This is why it is our Customer Support team that responds to customers’ enquiries, taking care to explain in full all aspects which could have a bearing on the quality of the finished job. It is also our Customer Support team that sends customers their quote within 24 hours, receives confirmation that the job has been awarded and delivers the finished translation on the date and at the time agreed. Similarly, it is Letrário Translation Services’ Customer Support team that liaises with the technical team to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Technical Team, led by Daniela Coelho, comprises translators, revisers, and project managers, whose goal is to provide customers with texts that meet the required specifications. The team uses various technological tools with the aim of boosting efficiency in the provision of the various services, and always with the customers’ best interests in mind. The tools used include MemoQ, computer-assisted translation software, and XTRF, support software for translation project management. But the team also makes use of many other tools to assist with organisation and research, and this is because they never settle but, rather, are constantly on the look-out for ways to improve on everything they do.

Every month, the Letrário Translation Services team is assessed by its customers through a customer satisfaction questionnaire on the quality of the services provided. The findings are discussed at a team meeting so that no opportunity for improvement is overlooked.

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