The translation of «ningunear»

We found this astonishing Spanish verb («ningunear») in a newspaper recently when we were collecting linguistic data relevant to translation works. Generated from the «ninguno» pronoun, the «ninguenear» verb denotes the linguistic creativity of the Spaniards. It means that someone treats a person as though they were no one, belittling them, not taking them into account. It is, indeed, a very sensitive solution to convey an attitude, but in other languages, we would have to find a translation that would be further from the pronoun. For instance, «disregard».
But maybe someday the English-speaking people might want to create a verb from the «nobody» pronoun. It would be something like «to nobodify». We would then say, «in the past Fidel Castro was the daily front page in the papers and now he is «nobodified» by everyone…»