Meet Mr. Buttons – our professional machine translation engine

Mr. Buttons is our state-of-the-art machine translation engine that uses professional cross-engineering programmes with exclusive databases. Mr. Buttons is usually very affordable at only 0.03 € per word!

With the speed and price of this low-cost service, you can translate, edit and proofread your texts faster.

Please note that:

  • this price is only applicable when Mr. Buttons works on its own;
  • when Mr. Buttons works on its own, the texts will need to be proofread, since the robot is excellent, but is not a person. As such, its translated texts are likely to exhibit grammatical and consistency issues, inter alia. The proofreading can be done by you (if you want to cut additional costs), or by Letrário professionals (additional costs will be budgeted for your approval);
  • texts with 1,000 to 10,000 words are eligible for this campaign, with the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish and Dutch;
  • the texts must be presented in editable formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.;
  • PDF documents, pictures and scans are not included;
  • the delivery deadline is one to three business days;

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