Letrário Translation Services has been providing proofreading services in several languages to a range of very demanding customers since 1999.
Our commitment: native-speaker revisers/proofreaders; accuracy and precision in texts in any language, in accordance with the clients’ style guides, and specialised bibliography in the handling of texts.


Revision and proofreading of the annual accounts, corporate governance report and sustainability report for Galp Energia, written in Portuguese and English.


Revision and proofreading of teaching material in Portuguese, for Colgate's Bright Smiles Bright Futures program for children.

Ana Aeroportos

Revision/proofreading of the quarterly magazine in Portuguese and English.


Revision/proofreading of a technical study in Portuguese.

Revision Services – Why are our customers so demanding?

Because they are concerned not only about the accuracy of the texts they publish, requiring them to have no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but also about their consistency from the point of view of both vocabulary and of graphic design. In other words, they like technical and even everyday vocabulary to be used with rigour and coherence; and they like capital letters, italics, bold fonts, numbers, abbreviations, acronyms, and respective spelling out, as well as many other aspects, to be handled consciously and consistently. Additionally, they like to avoid any ambiguities in the texts they are going to publish, so that they are perfectly clear to everyone who will be reading them. For all of these reasons, even if they have an excellent command of the language they are writing in, they make a point of ordering from Letrário Translation Services a revision of the text.

Why do demanding customers choose to have their revisions done by Letrário Translation Services?

Because they know that, whatever language their texts are written in, our revision services are always done by qualified and experienced professionals whose work they can rely on. And because they know that the goal of ensuring complete accuracy, intrinsic to language services, is always complemented by the goal of ensuring clarity and adequate processing of the text, intrinsic to editing services.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is a set of standards that provides guidance for revisers and even copywriters who are working on texts for a particular organisation. Certain general standards correspond to the good practices employed by good professionals and vary depending on the language. Others are organisation-specific. Letrário Translation Services has its own style guide, which is based on its specialised bibliography and has helped various organisations set up style guides of their own.

Are texts transcribed from audiovisual supports always revised?

If a customer wants all the orality markers to be left in the text, we will do so. Conversely, if the customer wants the text to be revised and the orality markers removed, the transcribed text will be revised in such a way as to make it suitable for reading.

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