For professionals who award translations

Awarding translations by simply comparing numbers is like buying a pair a trousers and looking only at the price tag. We might end up going to work in some… inconvenient trousers.

Naturally, if the translation is meant for internal use only and you have the possibility of committing your own time to proofreading, correcting and completing it, then it is worth awarding the cheapest quote.

However, if the translation is meant for your public, and the brand of your organisation is important to you, then maybe some considerations should be taken before awarding.

Start by asking four essential questions to which all translation suppliers are ready to answer:

  1. Is the mother tongue of the selected translator or the team of translators the language into which you need to translate the document? Only those who learnt to speak into a language, and think in the same one, may ensure adequate translation skills.
  2. Does the team of translation have specific linguistic training? Think carefully: learning a language does not grant the full knowledge for translating it. One must study the language, have a deep knowledge of it and have plenty of reading and writing cumulative experience, as well as having reflected upon the language into which one translates.
  3. Will the translation be proofread by someone with knowledge and experience of both languages? They may be very good, but a translator working on their own might not properly understand a sentence or skip a paragraph. Another person with equal knowledge is needed to supervise the translation and proceed to the adjustments that may be required, in conjunction with the translator.
  4. Is the team aware of (or is able to acquire) the linguistic and vocabulary style that depicts your organisation? Are they able to adapt and supply you with a translation that is consistent? A translation with inconsistencies in relation to other texts of your organisation, or with internal inconsistences, might raise unwelcome questions to the readers.


If your potential suppliers can guaranty such care, then you may choose the cheapest quote, knowing that you will be satisfied.