Professional Machine Translation Tools – Examples of When and How to Use Them

These days, professional machine translation tools are a reality at good translation companies and they can help you in a variety of situations, saving both time and money. Here are some examples.

Example 1: Multinational – 24 hours to the next team meeting

Imagine you have to translate a report to use at tomorrow’s team meeting. You would be able to do it because you are fully conversant with the language, but you still have to prepare the presentation and deal with a host of other matters for peace of mind during the meeting. However, you could certainly do without having to spend a sizeable portion of your budget on an urgency fee. You could resort to Google Translate, but it would take you even longer to check the result than it would to translate it yourself from scratch. Don’t worry; there is an answer to your problem. 

Thanks to a system of professionally engineered machine translation software, cross-referenced with databases built over 19 years, Letrário Translation Services can produce your translation very quickly and at low cost, delivering a translation that you can quickly review and adapt to your own terminology. If you prefer the translation to be reviewed by a professional translator, we can arrange that for you too, and, even so, your translation will be much cheaper.

Example 2: University – one week to go to the next exam

You’re a student. You just need to know what an article or even a book in a language you are not familiar with is saying but you have neither the time nor the budget to have it translated. You’ve tried Google Translate but can’t understand the translation. That’s understandable because, although Google Translate is a useful tool in some cases, it has its limitations. What you need are professionally engineered machine translation tools, cross-referenced with databases built over the course of 19 years. The price is a lot cheaper than a translation done by human translators, and your problem will be solved in no time.

Example 3: Non-professional translator – three days to deliver a document to the boss.

You’re a company secretary and one of your jobs is to translate some documents for your boss. Your boss needs a translation of an international document in three days’ time, but you’re too busy to do it. Professional machine translation tools are an option.

In fact, in every situation where a translation will not have to be published, i.e. when it is for personal use or when it is required by an organisation for in-house use, machine translation by professionally engineered software, cross-referenced with databases built by Letrário Translation Services over the course of 19 years, offers a fast solution at a very competitive price.

In situations where someone knows the language well and can therefore revise the translation themselves, the same tool can result in significant savings in both time and, especially, the cost of the translation. The example we used to start this post is one such case, but it also applies to researchers who want to prepare papers for presentation at congresses or for publication in international journals. And it is also the case for everyone who works for a fast-paced multinational and has no time to spare.

Speaking of multinationals, we know that at these companies there is a considerable need for the revision of texts produced by exclusive machine translation tools. We at Letrário Translation Services have an offering that is especially geared towards the revision of machine translation in various languages, Portuguese in particular.

Whether we are providing the full service of machine translation with revision by experienced translators, or merely the revision or the machine translation, at Letrário Translation Services we are fully equipped to provide a professional response to the challenges arising in the field of translation. We are, therefore, able to offer our customers a range of services that meet all of their needs, from quality and price through to delivery times.

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