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Our commitment: to respond to those who need to translate texts in a short time and/or at very competitive prices.

What is professional machine translation?

A professional machine translation is translation done by professional engineering programmes that combine information from Letrário Translation Services’ exclusive databases, allowing us to obtain highly accurate translations, far superior to those which can be obtained by using Google Translate, for example.

Does professional machine translation have to be revised by professional translators?

No. Customers who have a good command of the language and specific vocabulary of the translated text can revise the translation themselves, thus making significant savings. However, if you want to receive a text that is ready for immediate use then it would have to be revised by one of Letrário Translation Services’ excellent professional translators. Even so, this service comes at a much lower price than a traditional translation.

Who is professional machine translation suitable for?

For anyone who needs a translation quickly and has a low budget. People who do not need to publish their texts, i.e. all they need is to know what the texts actually say; this might be the case for students, researchers, teachers, analysts, etc. Or people who have a good command of the language and enough time to revise the machine translation piece themselves. And also people whose budget, while low, is nevertheless sufficient to have a machine translation revised by an experienced professional translator.

Whether we are providing the full service of machine translation with revision by experienced translators, or merely the revision or the machine translation, at Letrário Translation Services we are fully equipped to provide a professional response to the challenges arising in the field of translation. We are therefore able to provide our customers with a range of services that meet all of their needs, from quality and price through to delivery times.

Does Letrário Translation Services do revision of texts produced by artificial intelligence?

Yes, we do revision of texts produced by artificial intelligence.

Would you like to request a professional machine translation service or a revision of a text produced by artificial intelligence?

Contact us and ask us for a quote. We will send you our best offer in 24 hours.

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