What is professional machine translation? And who is Mr. Buttons?

A professional machine translation is done by professional engineering programmes that combine information from Letrário Translation Services’ exclusive databases, allowing us to obtain highly accurate texts, far superior to those obtained when using Google Translate, for example.

Mr. Buttons is our very affordable state-of-the-art machine translation engine powered by an exclusive world-leading neural network technology.

He is able to deliver coherent texts at the speed of light thanks to automation. Making use of predictive algorithms for his statistical machine translation system, Mr. Buttons is part of a process in which continuous improvement is necessary or, in other words, in which it is necessary to continuously teach him to translate better by providing translated texts.

However, he is not a mere statistical analyst, he mimics the human brain – Mr. Buttons makes use of neural translation, which is faster and closer to human translation, since it is not only the result of statistical operations, but also of the application of linguistic rules, which he is actually able to learn and use while considering the context.

Using Mr. Buttons, you will be able to translate, edit and revise your texts faster at an amazing price.

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