The Perfect Guide for Anyone Who Orders Translations

Check below the infographic: “The Perfect Guide for Anyone Who Orders Translations“:


1. Editable documents will shorten quoting time and reduce translation costs.

2. A well-written and well-organised original text will reduce costs, time and even room for errors.

3. Having an original text translated before it has been finalised will not save you time and may compromise the quality of the translation.

4. Planning ahead is better and cheaper than last-minute editing of Google Translate results.

5. Machine translation is no substitute for a professional translation team.

6. You don’t need to remove punctuation marks, numbers or proper names, because agencies software calculates discounts on these.

7. The agencies’ translation assistance software doesn’t translate but will reduce costs over time.

8. The translation process into multiple languages doesn’t have to be very langthy when you rely on professional project management software.

9. Translators cannot take it upon themselves to change either the structure or the meaning of the original text without the author’s consent.

10. Make sure the translation team has translation training.

11. Being bilingual alone doesn’t make you a translator; specific training is the key.

12. Experience is essential to achieving a good translation.

13. Revision is an essential part of the team work required for a translation with quality.