Online Translation Support – A Quick Helping Guide

Nowadays, people learn more and more online. Online translation tools also exist and their popularity is growing fast. People who want to progress and learn more about the world of translation seek support online so that they can learn about translation wherever they happen to be and whenever they want to do so. That’ why we decided to create this Online Translation Support – A Quick Helping Guide.

At Letrário, we know the value of lifelong learning, not least because researching and learning are part and parcel of what our team members do every day. But we also want to help everyone outside Letrário who is keen to continue making progress and learning about the complex world of translations. With this in mind, we have already published a number of support resources for those who may not be professional translators but nevertheless need help in undertaking translation projects. This time, we decided to compile a manual based on all of the articles and eBooks that we have already published on the subject. It is a way of giving everyone fast and well-organised access to all of the translation support materials that we have already published, while also affording training opportunities.

Here’s what we mean:

  1. Start by reading this post;
  2. Next, organise your diary in such a way as to be able to set aside roughly three hours a week for three weeks;
  3. Then read the articles and eBooks that we recommend, in the order we suggest;
  4. Lastly, practise with short texts, using the techniques we describe and that we suggest in each of our posts and eBooks;
  5. If you need more help, feel free to contact us; we’ll be here for you.

The Topics of our Online Translation Support are:

1 – Distinguishing between what is translation and what isn’t.

  • What are the differences between translation, editing and localisation? – Here

2 – Learn how professional translators work.

  • How should professional translations be like? – Here
  • How to achieve a professional level of translation? – Here
  • eBook: 12 Tips on How to Translate Like a Pro – Here

3 – Memorise the translation techniques that let you translate well and quickly.

  • 6 Tips on How to Become a Fast Translator – from any language into English – Here

4 – If you are going to be translating into English, you can revise some important English language rules.

  • Word Order for an Excellent English Translation – Infographic – Here
  • 10 Life-Saving English Tips – Here  

5 – Learn to translate in an efficient and healthy manner.

  • The Anatomy of a Translator – Here

6 – Lastly, make sure you fully understand the entire translation process from A to Z.

  • The 12 Myths of Translation – Here 

In some of the articles and eBooks suggested here, we show you some useful and reliable tools (such as online dictionaries, project management tools and language-learning apps) that you can use when you are translating and which will help you save time and achieve a better end result.

We hope you find this Online Translation Support that we have prepared for you useful.

If you need help to translate a document or a project that is bigger or more complex, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be absolutely delighted to help.