Mugs ahoy!

Since 20 August, Letrário offers mugs to customers and vendors who recommend our translation, proofreading, and subtitling services, to name but a few.

The promotion has no end in sight, but it will always be subject to availability, so hurry… For each referral resulting in a new friend for Letrário, you can choose one of three very special mugs that express our gratitude. Find out how here.

We are always very happy to gift our mugs, and we love to see them on desks; as decoration; or filled with coffee, tea and even stationery!

Today, we bring you the story of one of these mugs.


Referring friends to friends

“When a friend asked me who she should entrust with a subtitling and multimedia translation project, I had no hesitation in referring her to Letrário.

My confidence in doing so is the result of years and years of friendship. Letrário is like an open door through which we enter and meet friends who welcome us with open arms, pour us a cup of tea, and sit us down in an armchair that fits us perfectly.

While we take care of what we have to do on our own, Letrário’s team takes care of carefully planning and executing our translation projects and always delivering what we wanted when we turned to them – sometimes, they even go beyond! True friends who free us from worries, and always with a smile.

I will be drinking my tea, out of my new mug. Well done, Letrário! And thank you.”


Marta Antunes