Letrário Attends International Summit on Translation Project Management

In early September, Letrário Translation Services was the only Portuguese agency to participate in a conference on the world’s leading translation project management system, which took place in Krakow, Poland. Read this article to learn about the most important points addressed at the conference.

Proceedings began at dusk, at Pałac Pod Baranami, a house affording stunning views over Europe’s largest square, the Market Square in Krakow’s historical city centre. 

In a unique atmosphere, we had the opportunity to meet interesting collaborators from the translation, localisation and marketing sectors while savouring the delicious Polish gastronomy and admiring Wieża Ratuszowa (the town hall tower), with the Kościół Mariacki (Saint Mary’s Basilica) in the background. 


As a company that creates value in its offer of integrated translation solutions, Letrário Translation Services knew that it could not miss the sessions of the speakers with more avant-garde proposals in the area of translation project management. We therefore paid particular attention to the presentations of these speakers and brought several ideas back with us that we are already developing as a team:

• Optimization of project management software;

• Implementation of new NMT (neural machine translation) tools;

• Positioning of the advisory, sales and marketing departments.

Translation Project Management

During these sessions, we were also able to confirm that Letrário Translation Services is fully aligned with the best translation agencies around the world, employing a state-of-the-art application and workflow programming interface, using translation support tools that are essential in the emerging technological environment, and making use of our own intelligent integrated software. (Find out how to take advantage of the best machine translation solution here).

During a dinner in Kazimierz, Krakow’s famous Jewish quarter, we shared the knowledge and experiences of those who dedicate themselves daily to solving problems in the management of translation projects. Networking in Plac Nowy 1, one of the area’s trendiest bars, was also an important part of this occasion and, indeed, of the entire summit.

Human Parity in Translation

The last day had a busy agenda of sessions on the direction the translation industry is taking. The CEO of one of the most popular CAT software solutions reflected on several issues, sharing several hints about the future.

The idea of human parity, i.e. the possibility of a machine achieving an error rate equal to that of two humans, a subject that we have already discussed here on the Letrário Translation Services blog, was explored in some detail. The question is: how close are we to such parity? You can find out more about the subject, here. 

Neural Machine Translation

We also discussed the future of neural machine translation and the upcoming disruption to the current tools; or, more precisely, their simplification.

  1. One of the aims of using neural machine translation is that linguists can focus on post-editing pre-translated texts that are more fluent. 
  2. Another objective is the implementation of new workflows in which linguists will play new roles, enabling price reductions due to a high degree of automation.

The simplification of the tools will also open up the possibility for specialists in various fields, in addition to translators, to join the LSP (language service providers) community. Thanks to the simplified participation of these experts in the translation and proofreading process, it will be possible to achieve texts that are more accurate.

Letrário Translation Services continuously seeks to keep pace with the latest technological innovations, such as automation, always combined with consistency and precision, coordinated by an advanced management system to offer you a customised, simplified, efficient and intelligent process. 

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