Letrário – A provider tailored to you


Letrário has been around for 21 years now, and in that time has provided clients with carefully translated texts, as well as other linguistic services. In this post, we highlight why we can confidently say we are the perfect provider for you – thanks to our team, our expertise, our care, and our resilience.


Our team

We take customer support very seriously. Our Customer Support team responds to customers’ enquiries, taking care to explain in full all aspects that could have a bearing on the quality of the finished job. This team also sends customers their quote within 24 hours, receives confirmation that the job has been awarded and delivers the finished translation on the date and at the time agreed.

It further liaises with the technical team to make sure projects are carried out smoothly. This team, which comprises translators, revisers, and project managers, with the goal of providing customers with texts that meet the required specifications, uses several technological tools to boost efficiency in the provision of the services.

These tools include computer-assisted translation software and software for translation project management. However, the team also makes use of many other tools to assist with organisation and research, and this is because we never settle but, rather, are constantly on the look-out for ways to improve on everything we do.


Our expertise

With over 21 years of expertise, we have compiled large corpora of knowledge, which are crucial to the quality of the technical work provided.

Letrário Translation Services is proud to say it only works with linguists who have a verified university degree in translation, or equivalent, and/or extensive professional experience in translation/revision.

We test all of our translators, not only with regard to their language skills but also with regard to their technological knowledge, and they work only into their native language, making sure to consult and use the appropriate resources, such as translation memories, terminological glossaries, European Union databases, and customer corpora (such as the references given to us, websites, public documents, etc.).


Our care

Some of our customers, who are incredibly loyal to us and entrust us with their carefully written texts, have likened us to a tailor, who makes sure the desired end product perfectly fits their needs. As such, we are often challenged with special requests, which we are always pleased to meet.



Among other fields of translation, Letrário also specialises in transcreation, or creative translation. Despite the first uses of the term having their origin in the translation of literary texts, it is common nowadays to hear it used in the areas of marketing and advertising, where Letrário makes a great linguistic contribution.

This requires not only the translation of the text from the source language into the target language, but also a cultural adaptation to the target readership, generally implying sticking less rigidly to the original text, and, therefore, effectively creating while translating.

This type of work is required, for instance, when translating puns, which are a Portuguese favourite, as well as rhymes, alliterations, and other idiomatic expressions. You can read more about it here, and read articles published on our blog about related topics, such as the origins of common idioms, the etymology of several words, made-up words, and paronyms.


Machine translation

As an evolving and innovative company, Letrário is constantly seeking to improve the services it provides. As such, it has made an investment to aid customers who need to quickly translate, edit and proofread tests at an affordable price.

We offer a professional machine translation service done by an engineering program (Mr. Buttons) that combines information from Letrário’s exclusive databases, producing highly accurate texts, far superior to those obtained when using Google Translate, for example.

Powered by an exclusive world-leading neural network technology, Mr. Buttons is able to deliver coherent texts at the speed of light thanks to automation. He makes use of neural translation, which is faster and closer to human translation, allowing customers to instantly receive a translated text they can work on.


Our resilience

We are glad to say COVID-19, which has been devastating to virtually every nation on earth, did not bring us down. We mourn the losses occurred during this pandemic and send wishes of a speedy recovery to those affected by it.

Fortunately, we were able to further our enterprise and remain fully operational, offering our multilingual services by digitalising our operations and ensuring the safety of our employees with remote work and effective data protection in all our platforms.


Are you in need of translated texts tailored to your requirements? Whether you need terminological consistency, a creatively translated editorial copy or a quick and readable machine translation, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.