How should professional translations be like?

Translating like a professional should be the goal of everyone who needs to translate any kind of text, be it a text at work, or a text for a friend abroad. There are certain rules you should follow to make sure your translations look professional. In this blog post we’ll show you how professional translations should be like.

Professional translations:

  1. Respect the original text, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of form (the number of chapters, formatting, design etc.).
  2. Feature flawless spelling. Make sure you use the spell check program on your computer!
  3. Must take the reader to the same “place” as the original text, even if it does not use exactly the same “path”. There are many linguistic ways to take a person to the same “place”. If the goal of the author is respected, the goal of the translator is achieved.
  4. Include proper and varied language. Professional translators are linguists who have a vast vocabulary and an above-average written expression, which enables them to convey ideas and information in an effective manner.
  5. Shouldn’t always be a literal translation. Literal translations are often examples of badly translated texts that do not convey the authors’ intention. Be careful with literality if you want to translate well!
  6. Are a team effort. Usually, professional translations are revised by a second translator. Ask someone to help you revise your text after you translate it.
  7. Make use of technological resources that ensure consistency in the use of technical terms. For example: the “find and replace” tool in Word or Pages is an extremely important resource for any translator.
  8. Do not replicate errors that exist in the original text, unless they are intentional.
  9. Are done smoothly, yet carefully. Professional translations are done by experienced linguists that know how to swiftly solve the challenges they find, while never neglecting the quality of the text. If you have a complex or long text that needs to be translated in a short period of time, you should probably seek professional translation services.
  10. It won’t feel like a translation to the reader. It appears so natural and smooth that it could have been written directly in that language.

We hope this post helps those of you who strive to achieve the level of excellence of professional translations.

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