The Good and the Bad about Google Translate

Google Translate is neither good nor bad, but there is certainly good and bad to it; it all depends on how you use it. As you know, everyone prodigally uses Google Translate nowadays, and that is why we decided to write this blog post about it. People use it not only on their private, daily lives, but also professionally.

In this blog post, we shall show you the good and the bad aspects about Google Translate; additionally, we shall also answer the most common question of all: should I use it?

The Good

Yes, there are good things about Google Translate, and yes, there are situations where you should make use of it.

If you are in a hurry and the text you wish translated is of minor importance, it is perfectly fine to use Google Translate, for there are numerous advantages to it. Google Translate is:

  • fast;
  • easy to use;
  • good at translating words separately;
  • satisfactory when translating short, common phrases;
  • very valuable when travelling.

The Bad

In spite of all the undoubtedly interesting qualities presented above, not all is roses. Should you require the translation of important texts, especially one of professional grade, we advise against using Google Translate, for its disadvantages are prone to making it a liability. Google Translate is:

  • not reliable at translating long and / or complex texts;
  • lousy at translating literary texts, such as poetry;
  • untrustworthy for translating texts that require a deep knowledge on a certain subject, such as scientific texts;
  • incapable of producing translations of professional quality.

Translating long, complex and important texts can be very tricky; it is certainly not easy. A machine, like Google Translate, is unable to understand the whole picture. It is incapable to capture the mood of a text, or the intentions of the person who wrote it. Only a human can do that. Furthermore, only a qualified and experienced professional, bearing a deep understanding of at least two languages and imbued with a vast knowledge about the best translation methods, can translate a complex, professional text with the precision and accuracy it deserves and needs.

The Verdict

In short, the answer to everyone’s question – «Should I use Google Translate?» – is both a yes and a no.

  • Yes if you need help with a simple phrase.
  • No if you require a professional translation of an important, possibly long text. In this circumstance, we strongly advise you to seek a translation company, backed with experienced professionals, to help you ensure the best possible translation. If you want to request a quote click here.