For our dear customers and vendors only!
Refer a customer to us and earn a charming gift!

Campaign conditions 

  • This promotion is only valid for Letrário customers (i.e. entities that have been billed by Letrário Translation Services) and vendors (i.e. entities that have submitted invoices or receipts to Letrário) and for people who’ve started to work for another company and referred said company to us, with it becoming a customer of ours as a result.
  • In order for the referral to be eligible for this promotion, it must generate a quote acceptance of over €37.50 (the Letrário Translation Services minimum charge) per new corporate customer, i.e. per corporate customer who has never been billed by Letrário. However, mere changes regarding billed entities will not be considered. Individual customer referrals are not included in this promotion.
  • A mug of the customer’s choice will be offered for every customer arising from a referral under the conditions above (subject to availability).
  • This gift will be shipped by post to national and European addresses only. It will be duly packed and shipped. However, if damaged, there will be no reshipment. The shipping method of the mug will have to be arranged for any other addresses.
  • The promotion has no duration limit, but will always be subject to availability.
  • The mugs may present slight differences from the ones shown in the images.
  • The present conditions can be changed without previous notice.

Keep us up to date on all your referrals!
We will be happy to send you one of our mugs if they accept a quote!

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