5 essential translation principles

Étienne Dolet’s Five Essential Translation Principles

Étienne Dolet (1509-1546) was a French scholar, translator and printer, considered an influential but controversial figure. His thoughts on essential translation principles eventually cost him his life. In this article, we tell the story of the rendering that sentenced him to death on charges of heresy by the Inquisition, and present his theoretical legacy to […]

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translation, editing and localisation

What are the differences between translation, editing and localisation?

There are differences between translation, editing and localisation that everyone should be aware of; on the one hand, for the sake of faster and simpler communication between the person ordering the job and the person doing it; and, on the other, to avoid misunderstandings due to unrealistic expectations. Translation A translator’s job is to transfer […]

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automatic translation

The dangers of automatic translation

A Palestinian man was recently arrested in Israel simply because Facebook’s automatic translation system mistranslated a post he made. Facebook already apologised, but that didn’t stop an innocent man from having a bad time… It all started when the construction worker uploaded a picture from his job at a construction site, along with the text […]

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The translation of false friends

Portuguese and Spanish are both languages that come from Latin. It’s no wonder, therefore, that they have some similar words; even some in common. Translators, however, face a big challenge when translating between them: the false friends. This means words that are very similar, but have total different senses. Take this example: «zurdo» (Spanish) and […]

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The translation of «better half»

Here is another of our rare words. The ones we collect like exotic butterflies. Have a guess at the translation into English, Spanish, German and Italian. And if you know the translation in any other language, share it with us. Help us build our collection of rare words like exotic butterflies. In the meantime click […]

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