Origins of common idioms

If someone says something funny and you think “what is the origin of this idiom?”, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, Letrário will compile 12 interesting idioms and their origins, while taking a journey through old times, the Wild West, the Middle Ages, Shakespearean works and even nautical terminology. Let’s get started? […]

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The interesting etymology of 10 words + a Gothic overview

Do you like learning about the origin of words? Are you fascinated by the stories behind how words came to be? Then this article is for you! Take a journey through several languages and learn more about history itself. We’ll tell you about the origin and evolution of “tragedy”, ” assassin”, “whisky”, “shampoo”, “vaccine”, “etymology”, […]

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quick conversion guide for cooking recipes

Quick conversion guide for cooking recipes

Have you ever found a perfect recipe, but dropped it because you weren’t familiar with its units? If the answer is “yes”, this article could be very valuable to you. Letrário has decided to gather some quick charts showing the conversion of units of temperature, mass and liquids. We’ll also offer you a conversion chart […]

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Language Facts

15 Interesting Language Facts

We use languages every day, but how much do we know about the one we use? Letrário – Translation Services decided to put together 15 interesting language facts about several languages to share with you. Did you know that…? Hawaiians have over 200 different words for “rain.” For example, there’s the kili noe, a fine, […]

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