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For professionals who award translations

Awarding translations by simply comparing numbers is like buying a pair a trousers and looking only at the price tag. We might end up going to work in some… inconvenient trousers. Naturally, if the translation is meant for internal use only and you have the possibility of committing your own time to proofreading, correcting and […]

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Globish, the new Esperanto

The idea for a common language has been, throughout the centuries, the dream of many. Some even tried to achieve it. According to Father Joahann Schleyer, after being visited by God, Who assured him it was about time that mankind spoke the same language, he got down to business and created a language that would […]

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We are the champions!

Any company that operates in the global market will always be evaluated also by the reputation of the country where they are from. Since last Sunday, Letrário is seen as a company from the country that is the European champion. From the country that achieves, in spite of moths and injuries; in spite of all […]

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