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5 Examples of Translations that Went Wrong

Unfortunately, bad translations are surprisingly common. You can find them almost everywhere. Just take a look around you: airport signs, food labels, product instructions, restaurant menus, guide books… the list goes on and on. This is why we decided to write this blog post and show you 5 examples of translations that went wrong. Most […]

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upper case/lower - case compass points

Compass points – Rules for the correct writing

Proofreading in English – Letrário’s team advice for writing compass points Lower case for “east”, “west”, “north”, “south”, except when part of a name: “North Korea”, “South Africa”, “West End”. Lower case for vaguer areas such as the American “north-east”, “north-west”, “south-east”, “south-west”. Also lower-case for the adjectives: “midwestern”, “western”, “southern”. The regions of Africa […]

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The translation of «ningunear»

We found this astonishing Spanish verb («ningunear») in a newspaper recently when we were collecting linguistic data relevant to translation works. Generated from the «ninguno» pronoun, the «ninguenear» verb denotes the linguistic creativity of the Spaniards. It means that someone treats a person as though they were no one, belittling them, not taking them into […]

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