mr. buttons machine translation promo discount

Mr. Buttons – Our trusted companion

Enjoy the EUR 0.015 per word discount until 20 November! Mr. Buttons is certainly not as old as Letrário, and is still learning; however, he might be our strongest teammate ever.   His arrival When we welcomed Mr. Buttons to our team, he told us he did not know much, but that he was fast […]

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new meanings language evolution

New meanings and language evolution

  In early September, Dictionary.com made major updates to over 15,000 entries. In this piece, Letrário will present and discuss these changes, which regard themes such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, drug addiction and suicide. We will also be looking at the need for language evolution within society, according to Michael Halliday’s theory of functional language. […]

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A very charming gift for you

It has always been like this. It has been so for over 20 years. It is our customers and suppliers who recommend Letrário’s services, Letrário’s people, spirit, punctuality, friendliness and prices. It is our customers and suppliers who refer us to friends or partners, who then become our customers. Or who change companies and make […]

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quick conversion guide for cooking recipes

Quick conversion guide for cooking recipes

Have you ever found a perfect recipe, but dropped it because you weren’t familiar with its units? If the answer is “yes”, this article could be very valuable to you. Letrário has decided to gather some quick charts showing the conversion of units of temperature, mass and liquids. We’ll also offer you a conversion chart […]

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#BLM – What would Frederick Douglass, 19th-century writer and abolitionist, say?

Letrário Translation Services promotes daily communication between people from all over the world through translation. That is also why it believes in unconditional respect for others. Naturally, we have been deeply disturbed by the recent events in the United States, where an act of police brutality captured on video brought to light the existing systemic […]

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Language Facts

15 Interesting Language Facts

We use languages every day, but how much do we know about the one we use? Letrário – Translation Services decided to put together 15 interesting language facts about several languages to share with you. Did you know that…? Hawaiians have over 200 different words for “rain.” For example, there’s the kili noe, a fine, […]

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Safety Data Sheet Translation

Safety Data Sheet Translation Services

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are documents that provide information on the safety of materials and mixtures, and are mainly aimed at the end user. Suppliers, importers or manufacturers of materials classified as hazardous must provide these sheets on materials used in European countries, and many others, as special processes […]

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Translation Services during COVID-19

Letrário – Translation Services remain fully operational during COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to virtually every nation on earth, so we wish a speedy recovery to all those affected by it. We also hope a definitive solution emerges from cooperation among scientists around the world. In the meantime, we would like to inform […]

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