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translation project management

Letrário Attends International Summit on Translation Project Management

In early September, Letrário Translation Services was the only Portuguese agency to participate in a conference on the world’s leading translation project management system, which took place in Krakow, Poland. Read this article to learn about the most important points addressed at the conference. Proceedings began at dusk, at Pałac Pod Baranami, a house affording […]

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Machine Translation

The Evolution of Machine Translation

In this post, we will explore the evolution of machine translation starting with its origin, then moving on to the present and ending with the future. The term “machine translation” is used to describe a translation process mainly generated by a computer. Although it makes communication quicker and, as is the case of more exotic […]

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What Are Paronyms

What Are Paronyms?

So, what are paronyms? Also known as confused words, paronyms are words that are very similar in pronunciation and spelling, but that are not identical, carrying a different meaning. However, the term paronym has a second definition, as it can also refer to words that are derived from the same root, i.e. cognate words (e.g. […]

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Creative Translation

Transcreation = Creative Translation

The term “transcreation” derives from a fusion of the concepts of translation and creation, and is also known as creative translation. Indian philosopher and academic Govindapanicker Gopinathan stated that the origins of the term date back to when Indian sacred texts were translated for the first time, requiring the translation to be completely fluid and […]

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Translation Bullet Journal

The Translation Bullet Journal

The Translation Bullet Journal is quite simply our own (Letrário’s) adaptation of Ryder Caroll’s method to the reality of translators and to all those who work with translations on a daily basis. The use of paper to make to-do lists is a long-standing practice. But a new method, developed by American author and digital product […]

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top instagram hashtags

2018’s top Instagram hashtags translated into 10 languages

As we did last year, we would like to share with you 2018’s top Instagram hashtags translated into 10 different languages. Please see below 2018’s top Instagram hashtags: English #love #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagood #instamood #instastyle #instadaily #igers #instagramers Arabic الحب# صورة اليوم# لقطة اليوم# أفضل_أحداث_اليوم# الأشياء_الجيدة_على_إنستجرام# الحالة_المزاجية_على_إنستجرام# الأسلوب_على_إنستجرام# يوميًا_على_إنستجرام# igers# instagramers# German #liebe #fotodestages #bilddestages #dasbestedestages […]

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