A very charming gift for you

It has always been like this. It has been so for over 20 years. It is our customers and suppliers who recommend Letrário’s services, Letrário’s people, spirit, punctuality, friendliness and prices. It is our customers and suppliers who refer us to friends or partners, who then become our customers. Or who change companies and make a point of taking us as suppliers to the new company. This is so that our customers and suppliers are our greatest source of new customers. And it has been so for over 20 years.

As a result, we thought we had to find a way to thank our customers and suppliers for every referral that brought a new customer. And so, along with BrainStory, we’ve created a very special gift: three fantastic mugs that express all our gratitude for the referrals that bring us new customers.

Therefore, this promotion is solely available for Letrário Translation Services’ customers and suppliers! We are looking forward to giving you our mugs, and can almost see them on your desk, filled with steaming tea, or coffee, or even pencils and pens, as they are also perfect for that. Fill them with whatever you like, as long as you carry our grateful message in your heart.

We look forward to your referrals: thank you!

Conditions apply.