21% off Annual Reports or Mr. Buttons at €0.02!

Yet again, Letrário has come up with a promotion you won’t want to miss…


Are you in need of a translation of your annual, half-yearly or quarterly report? Look no further.


Now, you’ll get a 21 % discount in the translation of your reports.


Alternatively, you may opt for resorting to Mr. Buttons, our machine translation engine, at just EUR 0.02.


What’s the difference, you ask? With the former, you’ll get a premium translation, done by a native professional and proofread by a second linguist. Together, these qualified experts ensure a natural-sounding translation, proper quality control, correct use of terminology and that your needs are catered to, compiling specific glossaries and registering your preferences for future projects.


With the latter, you’ll get a machine translation, done by a professional, state-of-the-art engineering program, which will allow you to edit and proofread your texts faster at an amazing price. For example, translating a 100-page report that is 30,000 translatable words* long will only cost you 600 euros!


Mr. Buttons is able to deliver coherent texts at the speed of light thanks to automation, and is powered by an exclusive world-leading neural network technology. Neural translation is the closest to human translation, but please bear in mind that these translated texts are likely to exhibit some grammatical and consistency issues, inter alia, thus requiring editing.


Read the campaign conditions and get in touch with our project managers, who will help you with everything you need, clarifying queries and presenting an appropriate quote.


* The concept of a translatable word excludes words that the conventional word processing software (such as Word) counts as a word but does not translate, such as website links, and isolated signs and symbols. It also excludes segments that are repeated in their entirety, such as identical sentences or paragraphs. Letrário Translation Services works with specific software, which automatically makes weightings and discounts, counting only translatable words for quotation purposes.