2021 translation trends


The translation industry is constantly evolving, and we at Letrário aim to always be one step ahead in providing quality language services with the greatest affordability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global digitalisation, and many sectors have had to adapt as quickly and efficiently as possible. We now see that some of the trends that emerged have come to stay, which could be quite advantageous.

Read more about this year’s main trends and how you can benefit from them by choosing Letrário.


1. The integration of artificial intelligence

One of the key trends of 2021 is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the translation development process. Although this aspect has been around for a while, this year, we will witness the adoption of AI across industries on a larger scale compared to previous years.

At Letrário, you can benefit from this evolution by choosing Mr. Buttons, our very affordable state-of-the-art machine translation engine powered by an exclusive world-leading neural network technology.

Powered by curated texts perfected by our expert linguists, Mr. Buttons grew, and now resorts to professional cross-engineering programmes with exclusive databases to produce natural-sounding texts.

The innovation of this service resides in the use of neural translation, which is faster and closer to human translation, since it is not only the result of statistical operations, but also of the application of linguistic rules, which he is actually able to learn and use while considering the context.

2. Demand for post-editing

Post-editing will grow as it is driven by the adoption of machine translation and the needs of a post-2020 world, being the process of perfecting non-human translation.

With Mr. Buttons, you will be able to translate, edit and proofread your texts faster at an amazing price; plus, you can always resort to our specialists if you need a perfect proofread text – any linguistic issues regarding grammar, terminology, and consistency, to name but a few, will be promptly avoided.

3. Specialised translation

A further growing trend is the demand for specialised translation. As information technology, science and manufacturing evolve, there will be a greater development of communication materials comprising specialised terminology.

As such, Letrário provides a quality of translation services that can only be ensured by a set of internationally recognised procedures, including the qualifications and years of experience of our translators, quality control, and registration of customer recommendations.

All expert translators and proofreaders make sure to consult and use the appropriate resources, such as translation memories, terminological glossaries, European Union databases, and customer corpora (such as the references given to us, websites, public documents, etc.), and participate in the compiling and maintenance of said resources.


4. Emphasis on security

Enterprise-level security will become the security standard for both small and medium-sized businesses. Accordingly, it is estimated to become a necessity for translation software, especially as the latter inherently receives a large amount of sensitive data.

Our employees work on a sound confidentiality basis, and our tools are protected by multi-factor authentication and SSL security protocols, which guarantee the privacy of data transferred between customers and the server by using encryption algorithms to encode traffic, preventing it from being read by third parties.


If you are interested in specialised language services, do not hesitate to contact us. Our project management team will arrange to provide you with our best quote.