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  • The Anatomy of a Translator

    The Anatomy of a Translator

    Do you translate at your company? Are you that type of person who needs to translate documents, papers or emails on a daily basis? Or do you just need to translate a few sentences every now and then? In any of these cases, this eBook will be perfect for you. By downloading this free eBook, you’ll have the possibility to learn:
    • What are the most important parts of your body when it comes to translation;
    • How to translate properly, safeguarding your health;
    • Valuable tips to help you on all your future translations.
    So don’t waste any [...]

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  • 12 Tips on How to Translate like a Pro

    Translating like a professional is no easy task. It requires knowledge, dedication and accuracy. With this ebook by Letrário, you will learn:
    • The importance of a professional translation
    • How to prepare and plan your next translation
    • The steps you need to follow to translate like a professional

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