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  • With cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals


    Not even cutting-edge technology can replace an experienced professional. This is why we use both, so that we can offer the best balance in terms of reliability and value for money.

  • Linguistic knowledge and excellent project management mean that you have


    We have a 16-year track record in the business, gathering and handling exclusive technical information and developing unique methods of gathering specific information. We manage the projects entrusted to us with the utmost rigour to ensure we offer consistent, customised and trustworthy service.

  • We know you need


    Commitment to providing an excellent service, to delivering on time, and to using your specific terminology – and all at a fair price. That is precisely the service we provide.

  • Our regular clients


    For our technical quality and attention to detail, for our friendly but professional approach, for our strict adherence to deadlines, and for our dedication to customer service.


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Translating the best song at the Eurovision Song Contest

Translating the best song at the Eurovision Song Contest

Hello World! Have you heard the song with which Portugal is going to win the next Eurovision Song Contest? It […]

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Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, explains the evolution of language and of the pronunciation of the word "mouse".

A mouse, Anthony Burgess, and the evolution of language

Apart from being the author of the famous A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess was a linguist and a translator. He even […]

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upper case/lower - case compass points

Compass points – Rules for the correct writing

Proofreading in English – Letrário’s team advice for writing compass points Lower case for “east”, “west”, “north”, “south”, except when […]

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Watch out!

Yes, it’s all true! But… it’s «bridges», not «brigdes». If a good translation is crucial, good proofreading is not less […]

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The translation of «ningunear»

We found this astonishing Spanish verb («ningunear») in a newspaper recently when we were collecting linguistic data relevant to translation […]

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Under fire

This expression, well visible on a wall, makes me feel uncomfortable, as I go by, because I sense that it […]

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